Documents and Forms

We have gathered and prepared all of the popular documents and forms on our web site to make it easier for you to submit paperwork to the Dighton Police Station when needed. Please look below and see which applicatons and papers are available and what they are used for. If you have any questions feel free to call or contact us.

Note: All documents are kept in PDF format for universal reading ability. Please download an appropriate reader. Get Adobe Reader

Accident/Incident Report Request

Accident/Incident Report Request is an actual word doc or pdf that residents can print out, complete and submit here if they would like to obtain a hard copy/printout of an accident or incident report generated by a Dighton PO.

Please call 508-669-6711 to speak with Karlene Bourque on obtaining the requested report.

Criminal Report (CORI)

CORI stands for Criminal Offender Record Information. It is a record of your Massachusetts criminal history, including any time you were arraigned in court on a criminal charge, no matter what the final outcome of the charge was.

Click Here to download the Criminal Report (CORI) form.

LTC-A, B + FID Application

If you are looking to apply for your MA LTC Class A, B or FID card, please download the following form and submit it to the Dighton, MA Police department for licensing.

Click Here to download the LTC-A, B + FID application .

Operators Crash Report

If they were involved in a motor vehicle crash, the MA RMV Crash Report is the uniform report that you would print out and complete. You must print three copies. One for the Dighton Police Department, Insurance, and RMV. Each of these must recieve a copy.

Click Here to download the Operators Crash Report report form.

RMV Report Request

Dighton PD Officer's Crash Report

Vacation Form (Patrol Request)

If you are going on vacation and would like to send a notice to the police to request extra patrols of your neighborhood while you are away, please download and submit this form to the Dighton Police Department.

Click Here to download Vacation Form.

911 Disability Indicator Form

For those who have a disability that requires special attention or instructions for any public safety officer responding or answering an E-911 call on their behalf, this form must be completed and submitted to the E-911 Director Disp. Paul Reed for entry into our database. Also, please direct any questions to Disp. Reed.

Click Here to download the Disability Indicator Form.